Who Is This
Francis Donald Grabau ?

Well, he’s a man in love with the Stars. He saw them as a child growing up in Baltimore, Maryland; he saw them twinkling in the night sky above his backyard. They sang to him; he sang with them. It was the start of a life-long and deeply musical relationship which is currently continuing into his 64th year of life! He's a ‘reject’ from the Discalced Carmelites  -that Roman Catholic Order rejected him after a brief stay while he was yet a young man of only 19. His novice master, Father Peter OCD, told him during a snowstorm in Peterborough, New Hampshire:

"Go away, Donald; you don’t really belong here. You’re a funny man who likes to laugh and makes other people laugh. You must leave here and be a 'Worldly Monk' out there in the ‘real’ World."

I don’t know if I've fulfilled my novice master’s fond hopes for me, but I've certainly realized that humour is a very ‘serious’ presence in my life. 'Brother Francis', as he sometimes calls himself, met the Stars as Astrology on paper for the first time in San Francisco in 1969 when he also accidentally met Dane Rudhyar through that wise man's book, The Astrology of Personality, and began to study with it and him. I don’t belong to any astrological organization  -neither does 'Brother Francis'.  I’m finally aware that I'm not a joiner, nor do I believe in degrees or certification for astrological work. People meet me and I them mostly through word of mouth. I’ve been practicing astrology for more than thirty years now, using it as a tool to focus and tune the inner voice, the intuitive gifts natural to the Soul in myself and others.

Astrologically speaking, I'm born with a stellium of planets (Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus) in Sagittarius, and with Aquarius Rising. Uranus is prominent in my birth chart and I'm very attuned to the bizarre, the unconventional, the humorous, and the shocking.
Aside from Astrology, I’m an eager student of all forms of Divination and Natural Magic -especially fond of the Cabbala, the Tarot, and the I Ching. Poetry, Myth, and World Literature have always grabbed my attention because of their deep roots in the celebration of the Soul’s faculty called Imagination. All these multifaceted forms flow quite naturally into Astrology for me.

My formal educational background includes a BA in English Literature and Philosophy/Psychology from Loyola College of Baltimore, Maryland and an MA from the University of California (San Francisco State, vintage '68) in World Literature and Creative Writing. I’ve taught astrology to alternative healers in Switzerland, France, and in many states on the mainland US, as well as on the Hawaian Islands.
Other education includes working as a formal school teacher, a salesman, a fisherman, a postal employee, a dish washer, a performing poet, a gas station attendant, a house painter, a gardener, an actor, and a video-television artist-teacher-editor. Toot-toot!

I like to work individually with folks from all over the world either in person or via telephone, the internet, letters and tapes. A typical session with me runs from 4-6 hours [on the phone, this can be done in multiple 2 hour sessions] and is taped. Such a session is preceded by brief discussion with you concerning basic data, and a few hours of preparatory study of your charts including [ but not limited to ]: Natal, Relocated, Astro-cartography, Progressed, and Solar-Lunar Returns.

Sessions are taped, and you receive a folder containing copies of your charts as well as interpretive notes, lists of dates, etc. to assist you in processing the session. My job, as I see it, is to serve you with seriousness, humour, and honesty; my job is to share with you whatever I see concerning your Starpath Identity.

Here are examples of my published writings which can be found posted on the internet:

Attack Of The Archons, (a gnostic-astrological commentary on the events of 9/11): published in New Dawn Magazine, [ www.newdawnmagazine.com ]

What Is Patriotic Astrology or A Hobbit Is A Habit By Any Other Name, posted on The Gnostic Liberation Front.

Samuel Hahnemann And The Future Of Homeopathy, originally published by Simillimum Magazine and posted on my own website Star Path Visions, [ www.starpathvisions.com ]

Last Tango In America; An Astrological Study of the Patriot Act, posted by Uri Dowbenko and also here on my website: Conspiracy Planet www.conspiracyplanet.com ]

and AMERICA  ATTACKS ITSELF: Progressed Mars Turns Retrograde In America's Birth Chart :