An Astrological Commentary
On The Birth Chart Of Barack Obama

Francis D. Grabau

"I serve as a blank screen,
on which people of vastly different political stripes
project their own views."

(Barack Obama; The Audacity Of Hope.)

    So, Barack Obama is said to be the "winner" in our election games.  I listened to Amy Goodman and a whole pack of liberal type intellectuals report the results all aglow with happiness at his win.  I guess this turn of events gives a lot of people some "HOPE" and a measure of happiness since they tell me that they like Obama.  For my part, I think he lacks real character and is not much more than a fairly narcissistic opportunist.  His Neuro Linguistic Programming tactics which attempt to link him favorably to JFK, RFK, and MLK may appeal to the desperate but I think I know a wolf in sheep's clothing when I hear one.  In any case, I can take him at his word and "project" my own "views" upon his mysteriously obtuse reflection in his (supposed) astrological birth chart.  That chart, unlike himself, is most definitely NOT a "blank screen"!  Obama, I think, is a carefully contrived Media Event and I sense some hidden agenda about to ride down upon us on his ever so elegant and trendy coattails. 

    I know this is a harsh judgement call but when I first "met" him  -about 2 years ago on Canadian TV-  I liked him very much ... for about one hour of the two hour interview I saw.  He was (and remains) a highly articulate speaker with a very 'personable' style of presentation, but somewhere into that second hour I started to sense a kind of handsome "robot" whose speechifying began to annoy me.  It was an odd experience for me since -at the time- he seemed to be saying "all the right things" in a manner somehow reminiscent of a fusion of JFK, MLK, and RFK.  His charisma was quite palpably in evidence and I really "wanted" to like him but somehow, for some reason I just began to feel queesy, uncomfortable, vaguely angry. 

   I saw this program with an old friend at her home in Victoria, BC.  I sat with her in her living room watching the show because she invited me to and was anxious to hear my response to him.  You can imagine how uncomfortable I was when the interview ended and I had to tell her how "something" about him disturbed me, that I did not feel he actually was the person he was presenting to be.  I had virtually NO logical reasons or clear evidence for my feeling/judgement ... but that judgement just kept building toward the negative as he continued to speak into the second hour of his interview.  So I told her about my deep misgivings concerning him.  She listened, as she usually does, quite sincerely and calmly.

    But she had a book he'd written entitled, I think, "Dreams From My Father" and as I left she loaned it to me to read urging that if I did so maybe I'd see what a fine man he is.  Well, the book like the TV persona he projected was quite literate, well-written (in a certain composite literary style hard to explain) and after reading the first 30 pages or so in strict sequence I felt this oppressive "atmosphere" surrounding me, -so I shifted gears and began jumping around here and there throughout the remaining text.  I'd spend time after each "jump" reading maybe another 2-5 pages in sequence before that same "atmosphere" would again surround me like an amorphous dark cloud.  I do not think Barack Obama actually writes these books ... which suddenly (during that year and next) seemed to appear in a hurry ... I think there's an "Obama Factory" of ghost writers on hand who create these books with his approval and help.

    There is really only this highly crafted "composite" voice speaking in his texts ... it reminds me of texts like "Conversations With God" .... or like "A Course In Miracles" and similar mind control related, CIA infected crap (sometimes called 'channelling') issued by the likes of Deepak Chopra  and J.Z. Knight via entities such as "Ramtha".  Except that Obama's books are far more polished in their literary style.  Wow, just listen to me .... quite a composite stew I've made here of a heap of writings and writers all tossed into my "paranoia pile".  Composite equals Paranoia ?  What the hell do I mean by "composite" personalities and composite texts?  I'm not sure it's worth trying to explain to anyone who doesn't just immediately "get it".  It's rather like watching an old fashioned "magic lantern" show or a shimmering phantasmagoria of images each dissolving deliciously into the other to the sounds of some beautifully executed musical score.  Obama (or his troop of writers) has a way of summoning by means of enchanted prose a character called "Barack Obama" who seems as vivid as Mark Twain's "Mysterious Stranger".  Yet, this Obama character, unlike Twain's Mysterious Stranger attempts (too successfully) to lull the mind to sleep in a fascinatingly pleasurable but dense swoon

    Then I watched the "real" Obama reverse himself on Iraq, could hardly believe my ears when he advocated opening the gates of war on Pakistan, and even heard him insist we had to fight the "real" war in Afghanistan.  Like all of you, I witnessed the huge funding he was receiving from Wall Street types such as George Soros.  I listened attentively to Obama's speech to members of AIPAC praising the hypocracy and criminal activities of the corrupt crypto-fascist state of Israel.  Finally, when he did his denunciatory dance of Jeremiah Wright's views on America's serious crimes against humanity, I decided he can only be a fake.  By that I mean that he really and actually does not seem to know who he is nor what he stands for.

   Sometime around last July I fished the internet looking for reputable astrologers who might have posted his chart, but at that time all I could find were hypothetical charts based upon his day/month/year and place of birth but with no birth time.  So I went deeper searching for his hour and minute of birth only to discover the Webster Tarpley-Phillip Burg material claiming his Hawaii birth certificate posted on his official website was a proven fake etc.  But just last night (two weeks ago) I looked again and discovered a whole new batch of fairly reliable astrology sites posting his birthtime as 7:24 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii

   Okay, so I've studied the chart cast for that hour and minute and find it to be alarming.  Indeed, there were good if not great "readings" of the chart on various of these astrological websites bringing up some of the same misgivings I feel about Obama.  And there was an unusually refeshing candor being displayed by most of the astrologers I read who were pointing out that a whole lot depends on one's PREDISPOSITION toward Obama ... if you like him, you read the chart one way and if you don't, you read it another way.  True.  Yet is seems to me that, assuming his birth data is accurate, (which, in itself, is quite an assumption) there are a large number of planetary placements and aspect configurations that unquestionably point to a confused if not deliberately evasive personality in Obama's supposed chart.  Here's the chart I'm using:

Barack Obama
Natal Chart

   Okay, so there's the Moon in Gemini indicating ever-changing feelings expressed intellectually through speech and writing but such feeling expressions often partake of the Gemini TRICKSTER energy and are not given to stability or reliability.  Barack's feeling expression is rooted primarily in his verbal brain and intellect.  This Moon function of his in applying-waning square aspect to Pluto in Virgo speaks of his need to discipline his glibly intelligent and extremely facile speech into a more consciously focused expression of sincere feeling.  Simply put, Obama needs to get in touch with a clearer form of practical and grounded communication.  He needs to contact the unconscious (Pluto) feelings (Moon) which he doesn't even realize he feels. That's always a tall order for anyone with a Moon to Pluto waning square, and I find in my practice of astrology that precious few of such people manage to achieve that goal. Instead, they often display a carefully circumspect and guarded stance toward communicationn of their feelings, they tend to "hide" their feelings by avoiding spontaneous and relaxed conversation lest they inadvertently committ a "Freudian" slip!  The Moon to Pluto waning square declares that Obama must examine his rigorous practice of being emotionally guarded, that he must surrender his tendency to painstakingly craft his speech due to his fears that some accidental expression of his unconscious feelings might otherwise be revealed. 

   Obama, if you observe him carefully when he's talking one-on-one, talks in a very "rehearsed" but seemingly Gemini-Casual manner.  Chiron in Pisces directly opposes his Pluto and squares his Moon forming with them the notorious T-square configuration indicative of great energy under tension, of energy actually derived from such tension.  This Chiron symbolizes his "wounded-healer" function which is both his crippling flaw and his potential healing gift to others.  It is in Pisces, sign of "faith" and "hope".  And this entire T-square configuration of dynamic tension 'releases' itself through Saggittarius in the 11th house of his peers, social friends, and partying.  Saggittarius, as we all know, is the sign of the Prophet as well as the proverbial Used-Car Salesman able to convince others of their vision through passionate, fiery, persuasive speech.  Obama uses this gift quite effectively in his public 11th house oratory.  But underneath that prophetic oratory one senses the Pluto-Unconscious energy stirring in a tensely disturbing way ... what is he "not" saying about how and what he feels, what is his relationship to Pluto Power?

    If we then look at his Mercury, ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo and (therefore) of both his natal Moon and Pluto, we find it in Leo sign of the Leader, the fully confident ego, and the dramatist.  Obama, like the rest of us, thinks and speaks with his Mercury function and it's directly opposite his Preacher-Jupiter function in the "New Age" Aquarian sign of social reform.  Jupiter opposite Mercury INFLATES/INSPIRES the mind and speech with positive, Jupiter goals and yearnings.  So, Obama is not only a "prophet" but an unusually "upbeat" Prophet of Aquarian Visions.  Bravo, that's great ... we certainly need such Visions and Inspiration at this juncture in human political history so we all want to hope and believe in the sincerity and truth of Obama's Social Aquarian Visions.  BUT ... but, but, but ... there is this gnawing, unconscious feeling one gets if one is listening quietly and calmly as he speaks ... a feeling that "something" is not quite "right" .... something is "off-key".  This feeling of something uncomfortable and disturbing in Barack's speech can be traced (astrologically) back to the fact that his Mercury-Speech-Thought is in waning square aspect to Neptune expressing through often secretive Scorpio and found in Jupiter's natural 9th house at his birth.

    The waning square of Obama's natal Mercury to his natal Neptune is wide of the mark by roughly 6 degrees, so it doesn't exactly "explode" in one's ear, nor is it clearly imposing itself on his consciousness in an unavoidably FOCUSED or ATTENTION GETTING manner.  But it tells
us, nevertheless, that his sense of Mercury-Leo Drama tends to get the better of him when he speaks via inflationary Jupiter.  He's predisposed to over-dramatize his thought and speech while his Neptune IMAGINAION gets the better of him.  It overwhelms him.  And because this square is of the waning kind (like his Moon's square to Pluto) he's being asked, as a Soul, to surrender something of his dramatic Leo speech and thought to a deeper need for Scorpio sharing IN DEPTHHe needs to share with us all his secret, Scorpio 9th house philosophy of life ... it's DARK, UNDERWORLD aspect.  He's not doing that, he's forever emphasizing his upbeat, positive, Jupiter-Aquarius Vision.  This is worrisome.  What does Obama really believe in, what does he really stand for, what's going on in his unconscious feeling nature?   Like all the rest of us, I have no way of knowing.  I can only speculate and will do so here and now.

    When I observe that Obama's central core ego identity, the Sun, is also in Leo and in waning square aspect to his natal Neptune in Scorpio from the 6th house of "self-analysis", self-purification, and hard work (and less than 4 degrees wide of that exact square), I realize that this Scorpio-Secrecy issue assumes greater emphasis in his life.  It's actually CENTRAL to his life.  Once again he's being asked by his Soul to surrender something of his Leonine egotism and dramatic self-display in favor of a deeper need for a bit of healthy humility, personal introspection, and critical self-analysis.  It's as if Neptune is forever secretly whispering to him, "Hey, Obama, get over yourself already!  Attend to your secret wounds, to your human flaws, to your egotistical love of assuming center stage in the spotlight!" 

    But Obama finds it hard to step off stage, to stop performing as an inspiring, upbeat Prophet because Jupiter's aforementioned opposition to his brain and speech (Mercury) fills him full of ENTHUSIASM, inflates his Leo Ego so that he gets carried away by his own "charisma".  He certainly has a healthy fondness for the sound of his own voice resounding over the crowds he attracts.  What's so bad about that, I ask myself, after all it INSPIRES the Moon-Public!  Why should he not inspire the crowds with his enthusiasm?

    Maybe he needs to see how his
Mercury-Speeches are in waxing quincunx aspect to his natal Chiron retrograde in first house Pisces.  This is a literal health related aspect involving both his psychological and physical health suggesting he speaks publicly with such enthusiasm in order to CONVINCE HIMSELF of what he says he believes.  His "wound" as well as his potential "healing" gift is, after all, in the 1st House of Self and the sign of Pisces  -the sign of FAITH, so he may well have a problem with faith in himself!  And that Pisces-Chiron is opposed to his Pluto in self-critical Virgo and both are in square-challenge to his ever vacillating and playful Moon-Gemini feelings.  Since ego-denying Neptune as the ruling planet of Pisces is also in square aspect to both his Mercury-Speech and his Sun-Ego we may deduce with considerable validity that this fellow's Chiron Wound suggests he isn't altogether sure of just WHO he is, nor of what he SAYS, nor of how he actually FEELS!  With all this challenging Neptune-Pisces energy coming at him every minute of every day he's like a guy standing on the shore
in the rain watching the rapid approach of an Imagined (and self-created) Tsunami that somehow never quite arrives.  And if it ever does, let's hope he (we) can swim!

  Ah, but Obama is born with Aquarius Rising so he easily detaches himself from such personal insecurities while projecting the Aquarian-Jupiter-Persona of a broad, humanitarian, and glamorously 'positive' perspective.  His personal insecurities are none of the Public's business (Neptune in secretive Scorpio; Moon square Pluto) and when he does choose to speak of them he writes his "composite" books with much assistance (I am convinced) from his editors and "backers".  Who are these "backers" ?  Just WHO'S agenda is Obama promoting?  Is Obama's (Chiron quincunx to Mercury) health problem a problem with Neptunian drugs?  Is he, as has been alleged, a man who sniffs cocaine?  That would serve to stimulate his ego-brain as it notoriously does hyper-stimulate the cerebral cortex intimately tied into the Mercury-Brain.  It chemically inflates the cerebral EGO CONSCIOUSNESS.  Who knows?  But this quincunx implies that Obama is subject to imbalances affecting both his moods and his brain. Is he actually INSECURE as a speaker and a thinker?  Is that why he relies so strongly on prepared speeches and his pronounced gift for public self-dramatization?

    It seems to me that a man like Obama whose birth chart indicates the likelihood of a great deal of personal confusion and unconscious feelings gnawing away at his core identity is a man desperately interested in convincing himself (by convincing others) that he's a veritable bastion of self-confidence.  Is this why I find his highly oratorical style of "speechifying" so strident?   Jupiter in air inflating Mercury in fire can supply the makings for a lot of hot air, enough to raise an entire field full of balloons!   But I have my own excess of hot air balloon energy to deal with so Obama isn't all that appealing to me.  Besides, I notice that his Mercury-Speech quincunx his Chiron-Wound in Pisces fails to be very specific, fails to point out the Virgo details, fails to say exactly HOW he intends to put his rhetorical Vision into practical application as his critics have also noticed.

    Two other important factors within Obama's birth chart raise concerns for me: Saturn in his 12th House of possible "self-undoing" and Mars in Virgo in his 7th House of both friends and open enemies.  Mars is also in favorable, productive trine aspect to Saturn suggesting that despite Obama's lack of specifics in his inspiring speeches he is more than capable of hard, very specific, Virgo work within the Establishment context of Capricorn business and government.  But that 12th House can be a tricky 'place' referring as it does not just to possible self-undoing and victimization but to the 'closet' subconscious.  Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, controls the cusp of this House in Obama's birth chart and in Gnostic-Occult astrology we say that ANY PLANETS found in the 12th are in a very ripe ("karmic") condition requiring that they be applied in a selfless, transforming manner if the Soul wishes to evolve.  Obama actually has his Saturn function of boundary making and focus in the very sign it rules testifying to the idea that he is an astute politician and a man who has a thorough grasp of just how the 'Establishment' works ... some folks would call this a sober grasp of 'real politique' and that would explain why we've all witnessed him "playing the game" of politics and compromising right and left as he pursued his goal of the Presidency. 

   This same very savy, realistic Saturn function is involved in an "out of sign" conjunction or blending with his highly idealistic Jupiter in often revolutionary-reforming Aquarius so he has the wherewithal to ground any idealistic reforms he may envision in practical, tangible results.   But we have to ask ourselves could this 12th House potential lead to his own self-undoing in the form of his assassination?  Is there an Authoritative, stern side to Barack's personality locked away from Public view in his closeted 12th House?  There are few astrological indicators more indicative of adherence to the Status-quo of politics, business, and established rules of government than Saturn in Capricorn.  Is Barack Obama truly the prophetic-revolutionary "reformer" he presents himself as being, or is he secre
tly and rigidly Authoritarian?  What kinds of stern, dictatorial AUTHORITARIAN ACTIONS (Saturn in Capricorn quincunx to Lunar North Node and Uranus in Leo) might he take as President against the citizens of America?

   What have Joe Biden and Colin Powell been talking about recently when they assured the world that Obama, if elected, would face a "crisis" and/or a
"test"?  What, exactly, does our new President have in mind when he speaks of "sacrifices" we're all going to have to make?  If Obama is truly interested in changing American (and global) politics would the "Establishment" let him get away with that?  And why has he invoked the memory of JFK as astutely as he has?  How could an honest man appoint Zbigniew Brzezinski as his advisor ?  How could a reformer cow-tow to established Wall Street investors?  What is this curious mix to Obama's character?  Could it be that he has too many or the wrong kind of "advisors" merely by accident, or are they his preferred, considered choices?  Since he's born with his Sun on his Descendant and Pluto, the Lunar North Node, Uranus, and Mars all in his 7th House of friends-advisors-enemies he has a lot of energy invested in relating one-on-one with advisors who might well be his secret enemies.  Mars there certainly suggests the potential of violence that could come through his advisors who would then stand revealed as his open enemies. 

The question being asked by many is whether or not Obama may be being set-up for a knockdown assassination thereby, once again, killing all HOPE for the masses.  Hope was one of his campaign's highlighted key words, and were he to be assassinated after having been elected as the First Black President of the USA what rioting chaos might ensue and would such civil disturbances be used to justify the full implimentation of all the Neo-Con 'Homeland Security' agenda of Martial Law ?   Were such a thing to take place all Americans, including most of us who did not vote for him, would find ourselves shocked and depressed  -the perfect dis-spirited targets for our own, home-grown fascist military-police forces.  Has the Establishment supported Obama merely to use him as a sacrificial pawn in the game of Police State America?  Or is he, himself, the threat?


   There are many troubling connections between Obama's Mars function and the chart of America's Declaration of Independence.  The most glaringly obvious of these connections is the fact that Obama's Mars in Virgo falls in America's 9th House in tight conjunction aspect with America's Natal Neptune. It also activates and emphasizes America's Natal Mars to Neptune square since it challenges (squares) America's Natal Mars in Gemini.  Okay, so this suggests the strong possibility of some sort of hidden COLLUSION between America's Corporate Media (Gemini) and Obama's  campaign managers and financial-political backers. It highlights his Gemini Moon Speech by infusing that speech with our Nation's proclivity for devious, glamorous, Neptunian 'lying'.

When astrologers speak of 'lying' in the context of Neptune they try to explain that because Neptune rules the Imagination and because it is the force that permeates and can even dissolve boundaries it frequently does just that in the psyche of any person, such as Barack Obama, who has a personally stressful and challenging relationship to its healthy functioning. Under stress Neptune easily confuses one, easily lures one into believing the unbelievable.  The famed SIRENS of mythology are denizens of Neptune's SEA REALM and they are well known for luring folks into death by drowning when such folks venture unthinkingly out of their tolerable depths.  Neptune is seductive and can suffuse the rational mind and speech with so much 'dreaming' which seems so real to the dreamer that such a dreamer can lose all sense of distinction between the 'real' and the 'dream'.  That's how such people can end up lying even though it was never their CONSCIOUS INTENTION.  Often such folks have a real gift for weaving word spells and some of them, when they notice this gift, choose to use it to DELIBERATELY lure others away from the truth ...with a capital "T".  In fact, to those with stressful relationships to Neptune's amorphous spirit there is often a belief that 'Truth' is so relative as to not even exist.  This is especially the case when Neptune impinges on the logical faculties of Mercury as it does in Barack Obama's psyche.  Do Americans actually HEAR the CONTENT of what Obama says or are we merely lulled by the righteous, heroic, and alluringly 'prophetic' tones of his dramatically oratorical speechifying?  

    Specifically, one hears Obama refer to vaguely defined "service" he wants Americans to undertake on behalf of their Nation.  He wants Americans of ALL ages to join his loosely defined "troops" ... there's a definitely Mars-Militant tone he employs when he refers to these otherwise poorly defined "volunteer" groups.  For instance, in Colorado Springs, Colorado shortly before the elections he made the following highly disturbing announcement:

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."   This speech can be heard on youtube right here:

   I think we need to keep our eye on this kind of thing since it directly invokes the VIRGO theme of SERVICE and that theme in America always has distinctly MARS-MILITARY undertones to it.  Think of JFK's creation of the famed "PEACE CORPS" shortly after his election in 1960.  No sooner had he created this SERVICE-ORIENTED platform for America's idealistic youth than it was infiltrated and corrupted by the CIA!  And it was JFK who later vowed to smash that same CIA into a thousand splinters.  Of course, they assassinated him before he could do that and a few other things he had set in motion like doing away with the Corporate Elitist Federal Reserve.  I don't hear Obama raising his voice against either of these criminally corrupt organizations.  In fact, whenever I look at the CLOAKING POWER the Declaration's Natal NEPTUNE in Virgo gives to Obama's Natal MARS in Virgo I suspect that he's both being used by and using that cloaking power to disguise his true agenda from the Public. 


    We must ask ourselves if Obama, himself, has hidden, 12th House closeted and subconscious intentions toward America.  That could be one way Saturn in his 12th House might manifest, and it is in quincunx aspect to both his Leo North Node and his revolutionary Uranus function found in conjunction with it.  This is a very stressful set of aspects requiring a nimble dance while walking a tightrope between Saturn's status-quo preference and the radical rebellion of zany Uranus.  Obama's Leo North Node + Uranus obviously shines out in his projected self-image as an unusual Public Leader, but there is that very authoritative side to him as well -even if it is HIDDEN in his 12th House.  Could he aspire to play the role of "President" for the Global Corporate New World Order?  That would nicely combine his authoritarian impulses with his revolutionary ones provided that he saw such a role as a Jupiterian
Vision of how to improve the World by way of his Aquarian, "New Age" Ascendant.  It would allow him to further the economic and political destruction of America as a Nation State just as the New World Order intends.  Given Mister Obama's "wavy-gravy" Moon it's hard to say.  Given his Sun/Mercury in square aspect to Neptune in Scorpio as ruler of his Pisces-Chiron wound it's even harder still to guess, but I repeat that I don't trust this man.  He's inclined to be highly delusional.  Watch out for that 'Tsunami'!

     Is the fact that Obama's Lunar South Node at 27+ degrees of Aquarius is EXACTLY CONJUNCT (by degree) America's Natal Moon-Public an indicator as to why so many Americans feel this man to be the embodiment of America's Aquarian Public Ideals?  Does his Uranus function in Leadership oriented LEO tightly opposing America's Natal Public Moon in Aquarius (which that same Uranus function of his 'rules') account for his nearly mesmerizing affect on the general Public?  Do Americans realize that when Uranus appears in LEO it appears in the astrological sign of its astrological 'FALL'

   Uranus in Leo describes the unique Leo Ego compelled to shine, to stand out as an exceptional individual  -but that's precisely what constitutes the "FALL" of Uranus or its most inappropriate manifestation!  Uranus rules Aquarius because in that astrological sign it honors and respects the UNIQUENESS of ALL INDIVIDUALS rather than calling attention in a LEO-EGO way to its own, personal exceptionalism.  A distinct minority of our citizens have noticed unfavorably Obama's "superior" attitude, his not-so-subtle condescension toward the crowds he addresses.  Such condescension is the frequent flaw found when Uranus is in its astrological "Fall" in LEO.   It's hauntingly reminiscent of the theme of the old Hollywood film entitled, "The Man Who Would Be King" adapted as a screenplay from a short story
of the same title by Rudyard Kipling.  This is the same Rudyard Kipling from whom Yale's infamous "Whiffenpoofs" adapted their a capella tune concerning "poor little lambs who have lost our way, bah-bah-bah".   The same Yale which houses the notorious "Skull And Bones Society"  -more of those same "poor little lambs" who see themselves as "little black sheep who've gone astray".  Ah, what wild Angel of Serendipity has led me here?  Is this another of my self-indulgent byways?  NO.

    Consider how Obama's Natal Saturn at 25+degrees of Capricorn forms a tight opposition aspect to America's Natal Mercury Retrograde in 8th House Cancer and a strong conjunction aspect to America's Pluto Retrograde at 27+ Capricorn in the 2nd House.  These are the Houses of Money, the Federal Reserve, and the Wall Street Stock Market. Obama's campaign has been heavily funded by Wall Street and Obama himself rushed to Congress to VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE WALL STREET BAILOUT designed to bankrupt the American Public.  Is this a clear foreshadowing as to HOW Obama will employ his 12th House Saturn in favor of the Banking Establishment?   What kind of "CHANGE" is Obama truly interested in promoting?  Is it the change from America as a Nation to America as a subordinate member of the GLOBAL CORPORATE NEW WORLD ORDER?  Everything I witness him doing seems to suggest as much. Certainly with his natal Saturn function tightly aligned to America's Pluto in Capricorn he has a strong attunement to the hidden, powerful, Plutonian SHADOW GOVERNMENT infecting the USA. Has this Shadow Government chosen him to be President?  Do thinking Americans still believe there are honest and free elections in the good old US of A?  If so, I'm definitely not one among them.  In my view, Obama appears to have been installed as President by the same forces that have installed EVERY President of the USA since JFK.  He looks and feels suspiciously to me like a Corporate Media promoted "Manchurian Candidate" ... a well-rehearsed PAWN in service to the Dark Lords seeking the fabled ONE RING OF ABSOLUTE POWER: PLUTO!

   But gosh darn he seems like such a 'Boyscout', such a pleasant and likeable fella!  Natch.  Naturally, he happens to have been born with pleasing, relationship-oriented VENUS in warm and cozy CANCER conjunct America's own VENUS IN CANCER.  Wow, what a lucky happenstance.  Unless, like myself, you've gotten over the "conspiracy label" fear promoted by that same Shadow Government of America and know that such a "coincidence" would NOT have escaped the attention of the powers that be whom (I consistently insist) EMPLOY ASTROLOGY as one of their many, many psy-ops tools AGAINST the Ameriican People!  Venus in Cancer, how lucky for them since it inclines ALL Americans to want to like the man.  To feel that womb-like comfort of SAFETY in the protective aura of Barack. 

     Did you know that "Baraka" is the Sufi word for the essence of the Divine Breath which can descend upon a man like the GRACE of God and wrap him in the cloak of a "CHOSEN ONE".  The question is:  WHO is doing the choosing?   Is it really "God" or is it the impersonation of God spawned by the forces of Hades-Pluto?   Is that why Obama was born (if we can trust his birth time) with his personal MOON-FEELINGS in challenging SQUARE aspect to his own and the collective PLUTO-UNCONSCIOUS?  Is he actually, totally UNCONSCIOUS of his personally challenging relationship to PLUTO-POWER?   Gosh darn, he could be such a swell, trusting, All-American Guy that he doesn't even know what's up and coming for him.  If he's sincere will they assassinate him, if he's not will they use him not only as our First Black President but as our First Global Corporate President as well?   Will Obama turn out to be KING OF THE GLOBAL EMPIRE


      Finally, I call your attention to the fact that Obama's "Destiny Line", his North and South Lunar Nodes respectively in the signs of LEO and AQUARIUS, are within ONE degree of a stressful, challenging SQUARE aspect to his own Natal Midheaven in SCORPIO!  This signifies a man who's DESTINY is profoundly affected by his choice of PUBLIC CAREER.  If we consider, as many astrologers do, that PLUTO is the ruler of SCORPIO then what does it say to us that Obama's PLUTO is in the sign of Virgo which rules his 8th House of DEATH and opposes his
"Wounded Healer" CHIRON function while simultaneously squaring his MOON-FEELINGS?  Again, we are looking at possible public assassination as his chosen "destiny".  On the other hand, if we consider MARS to be the ruler of his SCORPIO Midheaven-Career, what does its strong and flowing trine aspect to his SATURN in 12th House Capricorn signify?  Mars is, after all, the undisputed ruler of his INTERCEPTED ARIES energy found in his 2nd House of "Earning A Living" and that sign of ARIES is the polar compliment of its partner sign LIBRA, INTERCEPTED in Obama's 8th House of DEATH, CORPORATIONS, and OCCULTISM.  Once again we are looking at his possible DEATH at the hands of his Corporate Funders. 

Intercepted signs frequently indicate obsessive-compulsive behaviour due to the fact that such signs are energy fields which have no ANCHORING on the Cusps of Houses, and the Aries-Libra polarity of signs are indicative of the RELATIONSHIP of SELF to OTHERS.  Is Barack Obama an unwitting puppet in the hands of others?  Are his Libran Advisors honest with him?   Has he been schooled and trained all his life long as a vehicle for the shadowy "Unseen Hand" about to employ him to further their goal of a One World Government run by a One World Bank?   Considering his unanchored and confused sense of Identity (as indicated by NEPTUNE square both his Mercury and Sun) has he placed his "fate" in the hands of untrustworthy advisors due to this INTERCEPTED Aries-Libra (
obsessive-compulsive) difficulty discerning the differences between his Aries-Self and his Libra-Partners?  Is he an innocent Lamb about to be used as a "sacrifice" ... or a Wolf in sheep's clothing about to lead the tenderly trusting sheeple he has been chosen (selected) to shepherd to their slaughter?   Who can say?  What is that O in Obama?


Of one thing we can be certain: a man born with Uranus conjunct his North Node in Leo is likely to SHOCK us all, is likely to be lured by Uranus into dramatically INDEPENDENT and ABRUPTLY DRAMATIC QUICK CHANGES of behaviour.  Such a man may succumb to the temptation explored by the makers of "The Man Who Would Be King" since Leo, let us not forget, is the sign of KINGS.  Obama, though of mixed blood and heritage is subject to what Kipling called "THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN" imposed upon him by Kipling's "Gentlemen Rankers", the sort of men with memberships in Secret Societies such as Yale's Skull And Bones, the kind of men who sing:

"We have done with Hope and Honour, we are lost to Love and Truth,
         We are dropping down the ladder rung by rung,
And the measure of our torment is the measure of our youth.
         God help us, for we knew the worst too young!
We're poor little lambs who've lost our way,
         Baa! Baa! Baa!
         We're little black sheep who've gone astray,
         Gentlemen-rankers out on the spree,

         Damned from here to Eternity,
         God ha' mercy on such as we,
         Baa! Yah! Bah! "

(Rudyard Kipling, Gentlemen Rankers)

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